AL QARAH (جَبَل ٱلْقَارَة)

We did visit Al-Qarah Mountain because it’s relatively close to Dammam, and it was a nice break to cool down in the caves before the long drive to UAE. Caves near Al Hofuf were formed due to the dissolving process of water-soluble rocks, the collapse of the upper rock layers due to abrasion, and earthquake fissures.

Some of the caves in Al Qarah Mountain became popular, like the Al Nashab cave, which has moderately steady temperatures throughout the year. They say the place is so good for living that traces of civilization over 7000 years have been discovered. The caves have 28 tall linear passageways, around 1.5 kilometers long. You can explore them only when you buy a ticket for the Land of Civilization park (🎫 57,50 SAR).

Parking location – THe Land of CIvilization: 25.412720N 49.692917E (🚻)