AL-UKHAIDIR (حصن الأخيضر)

West of Karbala, in the desert, are the ruins of Al-Ukhaidir, a Sasanian-style fortress constructed by the Abbasid caliph As-Saffah’s nephew Isa ibn Musa around 775 AD. It is a large, rectangular fortress with a unique defensive style and represents Abbasid architectural innovation in the structures of its courtyards, residences, and mosque. The complex comprises a primary hall, a large Iwan, a reception hall, and servants’ quarters. Unfortunately, we got delayed at the last checkpoint because the army insisted on sending a soldier with us for our protection, so we lost one hour waiting for this arrangement. On the spot, they charged us 25000 IQD for the ticket/person.

Parking location – Al-Ukhaidir: 32.442149N 43.602304E