ALQOSH (ܐܲܠܩܘܿܫ)

In the afternoon, we drove to the Alqosh, a small Assyrian town in the Nineveh Plains just 45 km north of Mosul. You will not find here a single mosque because the locals are Assyrians who mainly adhere to the Chaldean Catholic Church. We walked the old town around the tomb of the Prophet Nahum to the open-air museum with some Kurdish traditional buildings (🎫 1000 IQD). The town’s history dates back to 1401 when the town was attacked and sacked by Timur. In 2014 the Islamic State came close to Alqosh, and almost all of the people fled; however, many men and youths did not leave Alqosh due to a desire to protect their town. ISIL failed to take the town after the intervention of the Peshmerga and Dwekh Nawsha.

Parking location – Alqosh: 36.731895N 43.109910E
Parking location – Alqosh: 36.738716N 43.099241E (for overnight, 🚻)