AS-SALT (السلط)

As-Salt was the region’s administrative center during Ottoman rule. It was built on three hills: Qala’a, Jada’a, and Salalem. The town has never experienced an intense wave of modernization and retained much of its historic charm. Today, much of Salt’s downtown is a living museum of Ottoman-period architecture.

The city offers a combination of beautiful old architecture, delicious food, and hospitable people who make you feel like you are at home. Following the Harmony Trail, we strolled the narrow streets with their traditional yellow sandstone buildings, with its main sites around Al Hammam St., Eskafia St., Al Ain Plaza, Great Mosque of Salt, Al Khader church (🎟️ 1 JOD), and enjoyed great views from Al-Jada’a Stairs.

Parking location – As-Salt: 32.034490N 35.731760E