BEACH PONDS (شاطئ البرك)

We spent the whole afternoon alone on the long stretch of white sand beach Al-Nuhud near Al-Birk. Someone put a lot of money into building a 3-lane road around the beach, parking bays, and every hundred meters toilets with showers. So it’s the perfect spot to relax after some long driving.

Once we arrived, the army showed up within minutes to control our passports and did not allow us to park on the beach but pushed us into the parking bay. After a few minutes, another army car arrived and controlled our passports and truck papers again. It was a lovely beach stay, but they were observing us 24/7 from some distance, and when we were leaving, they followed us to the highway.

Parking Location – Al-Nuhud Beach: 18.247143N 41.491491E (🚻,🔌,💦)