It was supposed to rain, but in the end, it was a nice sunny day in Bergama town in western Turkey. It shares one of Turkey’s most impressive archaeological sites dramatically sited on a hill with terraced slopes (cable car 🎫 130 TRY / return). There’s plenty to see in the ancient Pergamum (🎫 100 TRY), with ruins large and small scattered over the upper and lower cities. Chief among these is the colossal marble-columned Temple of Trajan. The modern town lies over the remains of the Roman city with a monumental ruined temple called the “Red Basilica”. The temple was built during the Roman Empire, probably in the time of Hadrian and possibly on his orders. It is one of the largest Roman structures still surviving in the ancient Greek world. In the afternoon, we found a nice local eatery, where we had our dinner (lentil soup, local goulash, bread, water, and tea – 70 TRY). In the evening we joined the local crowd at Makara pub for an Efes beer (0,5 l / 25 TRY).

Parking location – Bergama: 39.121725N 27.184600E