We spent one day off-roading around the Broog Peninsula. Qatar has little altitude, which only exaggerates the tiny limestone escarpment of Bir Zekreet, on the northwestern coast of the peninsula, near Dukhan. The wind has carved away softer sedimentary rock, exposing pillars and a giant limestone mushroom.

We slept next to Richard Serra’s bizarre art installation East-West / West-East. It is set within the Brouq Nature Reserve and comprises four steel plates, each more than 14m tall, spread over a kilometer of the desolate western Qatari desert.

Solar panels power portable cameras placed there, so it’s fully secured. During the day, there are also two cars with security from 06:00 until 18:00. We asked them if we could go to the nearby Film City (some say it was only in the past few years as part of a promotional video for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but others claim it was built for an Arabic or Hollywood movie). Still, they said it’s closed due to Hilton Hotel construction, as mentioned in many feedbacks we found on Google. So, we skipped it and moved to the border with KSA.