We wanted to explore the Inland Sea, also known as the Khor Al Adaid, located on the border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Due to low precipitation and high temperatures, the seawater is saltier than the water in the adjacent bay. Over time, a unique ecosystem has formed in Khor al-Adaid, with turtles, ospreys, cormorants, flamingos, desert foxes, and antelopes. Historically, the shallow water there was widely used by pirates in the 19th century.

From Sealine Beach, it would take us roughly 3 to 4 hours to make the trip and do some sightseeing. The best quote we got was 600 QAR / hour for a buggy, and we found it too much (2400 QAR = 600 EUR).

Parking location: 24.885478N 51.523536E