We ended up 431m below sea level at the lowest point on earth. After complicated travels in the north, we decided to relax for one day at the Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea. The Dead Sea is an ideal resting location on the way to Petra and Wadi Rum.

The history of the Dead Sea traces back to the Hellenistic Age and has been featured in several biblical references, including Noah’s Ark. The Dead Sea played a significant role during the rule of the Romans and ancient Greeks for trade and military purposes. Despite its commercial significance, the sea was closed to trade from 1453 until 1856, when the Treaty of Paris reopened it.

We parked in the northeast, close to the hotel zone, just at the O Beach (Amman Beach no longer exists). This resort allows you to use its swimming pool and beach for 20 JOD / day (towel – 3 JOD). It was tranquil in this desolate resort, which looked a bit apocalyptic. We also tried food (horrible Fettucine Alfredo and one bad expired Petra beer – 11 JOD). But that’s the only resort that allows you to go to the beach without booking a room. In the evening, we went to Rovers Return pub (Amstel – 6,25 JOD, Mozzarella sticks – 6,5 JOD, Fried mushrooms – 6 JOD) in Samarah Mall, where we also did some minor shopping in an overpriced supermarket.

Due to its high salt content, swimming in the Dead Sea is impossible. However, it is possible to sit in the water and float – and yes, it works without needing to do anything. This unique experience is unlike any other, and the best part is that it is free of charge, which already means something in Jordan.

Parking location – Dead Sea: 31.683414N 35.575904E (🚻,🚿,🏊)