We encounter the world at the deliciously kitschy Global Village (🎟️23 AED). The carnival-like Global Village is like a “world fair” for shoppers. Each of the 35-something pavilions spread over a massive space showcases a specific nation’s culture and products. Aside from shopping, there’s also lots of entertainment – from Chinese opera to Turkish whirling dervishes – as well as a funfair with dozens of rides from tame to terrifying. It’s a family-friendly, fun celebration of the 190-something nationalities that make the U.A.E. the U.A.E. we know. For parking, take parking 1, 2, or 3. Otherwise, you end up like us in paid parking, where you must pay 120 AED!

Parking location – Dubai: 25.073127N 55.309625E (🚻)