We stepped into a world of botanical wonders (🎟️50 AED) and experienced the beauty of over 150 million flowers. The garden covers some 2000 sq meters and is touted as the largest natural flower garden in the world. Once we entered, we felt like Alice in Wonderland; we walked past quirky bloom-covered peacocks, clocks, castles, a smurfs village, and a full-size Emirates Airbus A380. You could chill out in a cabana with billowing drapes and floor cushions. Next to it is the enormous nine-dome Dubai Butterfly Garden; it is trendy, attracting 55,000 visitors a week. There are on-site fast-food outlets, such as Hardee’s and Krispy Kreme, souvenir shops, and a small trampoline park.

Parking location – Dubai: 25.058127N 55.244366E (🚻,🅿️-free)