We parked at the garage (🅿️10 AED) below The Museum of the Future to admire its fantastic architecture made of stainless steel and glass adorned with poetic Arabic calligraphy. The museum is an engineering marvel and a striking addition to the Dubai skyline. Each part of its design nods to the same scientific innovation it wishes to inspire.

The building’s round-shaped hollows in the center are meant to resemble a human eye looking toward the future. The outside of the building consists of 1,024 separate panels, a significant figure as it is the same number of bytes in a kilobyte, the basic unit of digital storage in a computer.

The museum aims to transport visitors to the year 2071 to inspire discussions about the scientific and technological advancement humans might achieve. While traditional museums showcase the past, the Museum of the Future says in its halls that visitors will use their five senses to explore interactive exhibits, allowing them to imagine the future’s vast possibilities. Again, we tried to book tickets online, but the first available date was January 18, 2024.

Parking location – Dubai: 25.218978N 55.282596E (🚻)