GALI ALI BEG (,گەلیی عەلی بەگ)

We stopped overnight by the „touristic“ Geli Ali Beg waterfall (🎫 1000 IQD). It is the highest waterfall in the Kurdistan Region and all of Iraq. It is about 12 meters high, located beside Korek Mount, which is 2,076 meters above sea level. The waterfall is the crosspoint of three rivers: the Rwandz, Sidakan, and Khalifan.

Gali Ali Bag has two different interpretations: one is that it was named after one of the princes of the Great Soran Emirate. The other story is somewhat controversial, referring to the killing of a Kurdish Yezidi Prince by the same name, Ali Bag. The waterfall is featured at 5000 IQD note.

There are plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops, and ugly concrete buildings around the waterfall, so the scenery is damaged. We had some food in one of the restaurants, and as usual, we paid 35000 IQD, no idea how they were “creating the bill” because there were no menus with prices and no receipts ☹.

Parking location – Geli Ali Beg: 36.631061N 44.447153E (🚻)