We arrived late, so we parked in front of Hotel Aşıkoğlu in Boğazkale, where we took dinner (Tomato soup – 30 TRY, French fries – 60 TRY, Chicken skewer – 110 TRY, Tea – 10 TRY). The following day we visited remainings of the Hittite capital of Hattuşa (🎫 20 TRY). In the Bronze Age, the Hittite kingdom encompassed an area that stretched west to the Aegean Sea and south into Syria, with its command center here in Hattuşa. This mountainous, isolated site had a population of 15,000 and enjoyed considerable power in the 2nd millennium BC. Today the remnants of its defensive walls, with their ceremonial gateways and concealed postern tunnel, which wrap around the scattered ruins, are the most impressive remaining feature.

Parking location – Boğazkale: 40.026001N 34.607271E (🚻 – 24/7)
Parking location – Hattuşa: 40.021071N 34.615192E (🚻)