JABAL IKMAH (جبل عكمة)

Jabal Ikmah is an open library of inscriptions, rock art, and petroglyphs set in a stunning desert canyon. The ticket costs 60 SAR, and the tour runs at 08:45 and 16:45 from Winter Park (duration 2,5 hours, including Dadan).

Nearby, Dadan was a caravan way station for many people, and one of the clues that Al-Ula was indeed a crossroads of civilizations was Jabal Ikmah, which was visited by those wishing to leave their inscriptions and offerings en route through Dadan.

No such site is more significant than Jabal Ikmah, home to the highest concentration of pre-Arabic inscriptions in Aramaic, Dadanitic, Thamudic, Minaic, and Nabataean. A mountain north of the Al-Ula Valley, AlAqra’a, features more than 450 early Arabic inscriptions. Naqsh Zuhayr, to the east, features one of the oldest inscriptions of the Islamic era, which dates back to 644.

Parking location – Winter Park: 26.665229N 37.904628E