JAZAN (جازان)

Jazan, formerly Al-Tihameh, is a town and port in southwestern Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea opposite the Farasān Islands. Defined by the 1934 Treaty of Al-Ṭāʾif as belonging to Saudi Arabia, Yemen has claimed the town since the 1960s.

The surrounding area is well cultivated because of irrigation projects undertaken by the government and has become one of the leading agricultural regions of Saudi Arabia. The local architecture displays Ottoman and Yemeni influences.

There is not much to see except Al-Dossaria Castle, located on top of a Jazan Mountain overlooking the sea at an altitude of approximately 150 meters above sea level. The square-shaped structure spans about 900 square meters and is supported by four massive towers. Historical importance and role Al-Dossaria Castle dated back six centuries ago. It was used during the reign of kings Abdulaziz and Saud as a military and political center.

In the evening, we did try food in the pricey Happy Hospitality restaurant in Corniche Park. Still, it was a good choice because the food was delicious (Lentil Soup – 15 SAR, Grilled chicken breast – 49 SAR, Strawberry shake – 16 SAR, Water – 0,33 l /1 SAR).

Parking location – Jazan: 16.876092N 42.547092E (🚻)