JERASH (جرش)

Jerash has developed dramatically with the growing importance of the tourism industry. It became the second-most popular tourist attraction in Jordan, closely behind the ruins of Petra. On the city’s western side, which contains the most representative buildings, the Gerasa ruins have been carefully preserved and spared from encroachment. The modern city sprawls to the east of the river, where we finally found an exchange office (1 EUR / 0,76 JOD) and a simple supermarket, Sameh, to buy some groceries.

We took a taxi (1 JOD) to the famous Lebanese Umm Khalil Restaurant in the evening. This rambling restaurant has been a national treasure since it opened in 1977. On offer are plenty of hot and cold mezze, freshly baked bread, superior salads, and mouth-watering grills (Garlic Labneh – 3,65 JOD, Makdous – 3,50 JOD, Shish Taouk – 10 JOD, Taouk Mtaffa – 10,95 JOD).