JUBBAH (جبــــة)

The oasis Jubbah lies on the old caravan road linking Dumat Al-Jandal with Ha’il, surrounded by the vast Nefud Desert. Jubbah is surrounded by large sandstone outcrops filled with ancient petroglyphs and inscriptions on the rock face.

The carvings found on the Jibal Umm Sinman cover a wide range of representations and a significant period, with some carvings possibly being 10 000 years old. Indeed, human carvings are found along with cattle, ibexes, oryxes, deers, gazelles, horses, lions, and ostriches. Camels are probably the latest to populate this area and the walls of the surrounding rocks.

Nasser Al Thwini Museum

Parking location – Jubbah: 28.027630N 40.920511E (🚻)