KHASAB (خصب)

We arrived late, so first, we had dinner at the famous Aroos Musandam Restaurant (Dal soup – 0,8 OMR, Chicken Sechuan noodles – 2,5 OMR, Chicken Tikka with rice – 3 OMR, Garlic paste – 0,6 OMR, Lemon-mint Juice – 1 OMR, Pepsi 0,33l – 0,25 OMR, Strawberry shake – 1 OMR, water 0,5l – 0,1 OMR). After that, we had a short walk around Sultan Qaboos Mosque, which can accommodate 1900 people.

We decided to stay overnight at the nearby Bassa beach. This sandy beach has shade and toilets and is the nearest to Khasab for a swim.

The following day, we explored the city. The town has a great location wedged between steep cliffs and the sea. First, we walked around the town’s villas, which are set within thick date plantations and are noteworthy for their sparkling pillars, doorsteps, and domes, to the Khmazera Castle (🎟️free), buried in the heart of town. This small fortified house with two cannons at the doorway has a renovated courtyard and giant oyster shells in one of the rooms.

The next stop was the Khasab Fort, whose command of the bay sadly diminished since the Lulu Hypermarket was built on reclaimed land opposite. The fort (🎟️3 OMR) cuts quite a dash with its four stone turrets and fine crenellations. Built by the Portuguese in the 17th century around a much older circular tower, this well-preserved fort now houses one of Oman’s best little ethnographic museums.

Our last stop was the harbor, which briefly bursts with activity each time a cruise ship arrives. Fishing boats and dhows amble in and out of the creeks, picking up lobster pots or casting nets in the surrounding bays. You could also see some Iranian smugglers carrying supplies across the Strait of Hormuz to Southern Iran.

Parking location – Bassa Beach: 26.211348N 56.236174E (🚻)