KHOR FAKKAN (خورفكان)

We have parked at Khor Fakkan’s long corniche for our Xmas day, just a few steps from Khor Fakkan Amphitheater and Waterfall. The corniche, meandering for several kilometers, is flanked by well-tended gardens with mature palm trees providing shade. In the early evening, it’s popular with local families who come here for a sunset stroll and picnic.

Khorfakkan Amphitheater, inspired by Roman architecture, became a celebrated local landmark that can accommodate over 3500 spectators. A magnificent 45m-high waterfall cascades down next to it. Although the waterfall is man-made, it was carved out of natural rock and is often illuminated at night. The structure was built with viewing windows at the top, which are sometimes open to the public.

We took our Xmas brunch at the Rebou Lebanon Restaurant, famous for its mezze menu and hearty biryanis; despite the name, it also serves up pasta and some Western food (Lentil Soup – 10 AED, Tabbouleh Salad – 18 AED, Chicken Gordon Bleu – 45 AED, Chicken Fajita – 32 AED, Water – 0,5l / 3 AED, Lemon Mint Juice – 14 AED, Avocado Juice – 18 AED).

Parking location – Khor Fakkan: 25.363494N 56.347746E (🚻)