Today, we drove 10 kilometers to Siq Al Barid (Cold Canyon), known as Little Petra (included in Jordan Pass). It was thought to have served as an agricultural center, trading suburb, and resupply post for camel caravans visiting Petra. The surrounding area is picturesque and fun to explore. An obvious path leads through the 400m-long Siq Al Barid, opening into flat, sandy areas. The first open area boasts a temple, while four triclinia – one on the left and three on the right – are in the second open area. These were probably used as dining rooms to feed hungry merchants and travelers. About 50m further along the canyon is the Painted House, another small dining room reached by some exterior steps. Climbing the steps at the end of Siq Al Barid affords excellent views of the wind-eroded landscape.

Parking location – Al-Baydha: 30.375565N 35.452214E (🚻)