MARAYA (مسرح مرايا)

We visited Maraya, the world’s largest mirrored building, reflecting Al-Ula’s beauty. It is a stunning piece of art set in the desert canyon of Ashar Valley. It is designed to blend into the surrounding landscape and rises from the sand like a mirage. According to Guinness World Records, the state-of-the-art structure is covered in 9,740 mirrored panels, making it the largest mirrored building in the world. While the building stands alone as art, it was designed as a fully functioning multi-purpose venue. Maraya has hosted highly anticipated performances, VIP experiences, and pop-up events, including concerts by global superstars such as Enrique Iglesias and Hiba Tawaji. To get there, you must pass the gate and have a reservation. So we reserved a table in a famous Saffron, Banyan Tree’s signature Thai restaurant (Lava Cake – 55 SAR, Caramel Macchiato – 35 SAR, Perrier – 1 l / 40 SAR, Mocktails – from 42 SAR).