MESTIA (მესტია)

We parked in the center of the touristic hub of the Upper Svaneti, Mestia. We used it as a base for exploration of the oldest of the hamlets dotted with picturesque Svan towers. Most towers are above the river on the northern side of town: Lekhtagi in the northwest and Lanchvali and Lagami to the northeast. Historically and ethnographically, Mestia has always been regarded as a chief community of Zemo, or Upper Svaneti province. It was formerly known as Seti (სეტი). The population is primarily Svans, a Georgian cultural and linguistic subgroup. Despite its small size, the townlet was an essential center of Georgian culture for centuries. It contains several medieval monuments, such as churches and forts, included in a list of UNESCO.

Exploring Tower from inside

Parking location – Mestia: 43.043205N 42.723943E