NAKHAL FORT (قلعة نخل)

Nakhal Fort is one of the most magnificent forts in Oman (🎟️2 OMR), built in an oasis on the foundations of a pre-Islamic structure. Fort has been expanded and renovated by many of the rulers of Oman throughout history. The oldest record of improvement to the fort is during the time of Imam Salt bin Malik Al-Kharusi in the 9th century. One of the most unique features of Nakhal Fort is that it does not follow any uniform shape. The fort’s form instead follows the irregular outline of the massive boulder on which the fort is built. The towers and entrance of this fort were constructed during the reign of Imam Said Bin Sultan in 1834. There are excellent views of the Batinah Plain from the ramparts, and the majlis (reception room) on the top of the fort makes a fantastic place to enjoy the tranquillity.

Parking location – Nakhal: 23.395100N 57.829395E (🚻)