Our second stop at the Black Sea coast was Ordu, a center for hazelnut processing and exporting (1 kg / 140 TRY). It lies at the mouth of the Melet River on the eastern slopes of Boztepe (550 m), a high hill that protects it against storms from the northwest. Ordu was the site of ancient Cotyora, founded by Greek colonists from Sinope in the 5th century BC, and is the place from which the survivors of Xenophon’s Ten Thousand (Greeks who went to Asia to seek their fortunes) embarked for Sinope and Heraclea Pontica. Ordu’s top attraction is the seven-minute cable car ride (🎫 100 TRY/return) from the seafront promenade to Boztepe Hill.

Parking location – Ordu: 40.979702N 37.893617E