After a heavy storm, we drove to the Arch (Rainbow) Rock. It is called Rainbow Rock because it looks like an arch or a rainbow with two clouds. Near the Rainbow Rock are other rock formations, such as the Dancing Rocks, two large rock pillars that appear to be dancing together. But we did not drive there, because the weather was not so good for photography. The site is not marked from the main road. Google knows the location but doesn’t know the correct route, so we navigated according to the satellite map.

Just in the middle of our route, we stopped at Shalal Cafe (🎫 10 SAR). It is a hidden location between large rocks, where the family restaurant mysteriously sits. We had to navigate through a cave-like entrance only to find an Arabic-style setup at the end of the passageway. They serve food only in the evening, so we just took a coffee (18 SAR).

Around Rainbow Rock

Shalal Cafe