RIJAL ALMA (رجال ألمع)

The Village of Rijal Alma is located 45 km west of the city of Abha, a mountainous area in the Assir Region. The village was a natural corridor linking those from Yemen and the Levant to Makkah and Madinah, making it an important regional commercial center.

The ancient remains (🎫 20 SAR) and folk tales, hidden inside the unique architectural designs of Rijal Almaa village, have been echoing for more than 700 years. Its tall stone-built buildings were made using Basalt rocks, which gave them their strength and durability to last through time. The white Quartz stone is found extensively on the outer walls, while the artwork embellishes the interior.

Since we could not go to Rijal Alma by our truck, we hitchhiked a local car for 60 SAR on the way down; on the way back, some friendly locals drove us to the main road, and there we easily hitchhiked another car for 50 SAR on the way up.

Parking location – Alogl: 18.317310N 42.330258E