Before visiting TEMSA Global bus factory, we stopped in the city center of the historical city of Tarsus. The compact old city includes a beautiful 60m-long stretch of Roman road and a labyrinth of alleyways hemmed by Tarsus Historical Houses, many crumbling. Just southeast are several historic mosques, including the Eski Cami (Old Mosque), a medieval structure that was originally a church dedicated to St Paul (🎫 20 TRY). Adjacent looms the barely recognizable brickwork of a vast old Roman bath. The other highlights are the late-19th-century Makam Cami, the tomb of the Prophet Daniel, and the 16th-century Ulu Cami (Great Mosque), sporting a curious 19th-century minaret moonlighting as a clock tower. Nearby is the 19th-century Kırkkaşık Bedesten (Forty Spoons Bazaar), still used as a covered bazaar today. For a quick lunch, we took a roasted chicken with salad and bread (3 portions with water for 200 TRY).

Parking location – Tarsus: 36.910979N 34.887111E