Trabzon lies on a wide bay of the Black Sea, backed by high ranges of the Pontic Mountains. Trapezus, one of the most easterly of ancient Greek settlements, was probably founded in 756 BC by traders from Miletus. It has been handballed down the years between Cimmerians, Medes, Hellenes, Byzantines, and a succession of other peoples. Once an important stop on the Silk Road, it remains the Black Sea’s busiest port. Somewhat louche, it’s the most sophisticated city in the region. Contrasting with the medieval church (now a mosque) of Aya Sofya, the modern world shines through on Forum Trabzon Shopping Centre and Atatürk Alanı, Trabzon’s busy central square in the eastern section of the city center.

Parking location – Trabzon: 41.001100N 39.763217E