Uçhisar is a village in Cappadocia situated on the edge of Göreme National Park. The town was first mentioned in a 14th-century chronicle by Aziz ibn Ardasir although the general area had been occupied much earlier, perhaps from Hittite times. In the seventh century AD, the Byzantines created a “buffer zone” in the area against Islamic expansion. From that time remains the most prominent landmark visible for miles, the “Uçhisar Castle” – a 60-meter-tall volcanic-rock outcrop (🎫 50 TRY). Riddled with tunnels, it was used for centuries by villagers as a place of refuge when enemy armies overtook the surrounding plains. From the top are fantastic panoramic views over the rock valleys of the Cappadocian countryside.

Parking location – Uçhisar: 38.627595N 34.803859E (🚻,🅿️ – 25 TRY)