USHAIQER (أشيقر)

Situated about 200 kilometers northwest of Riyadh, near the town of Shaqra, Ushaiger Heritage Village is one of the oldest villages in the region. Historically, Bedouins first settled here 1,500 years ago. Ushaiger quickly became a popular stopping point for pilgrims crossing to Makkah, thanks to its springs and shade provided by low-brimmed olive and palm groves.

Encased in thick walls, Ushaiger is a labyrinth of winding alleyways, shaded pathways, and timber-framed walkways, crossing between hundreds of mud houses. The village is divided into districts and bisected by groves of palm trees and includes a cluster of beautifully renovated houses. These offer a stunning example of Najdi architecture, with its distinctive triangular windows, roofs, and ornately carved wooden doors. Some still bear the names of the families who lived there.

Al Salem Museum, which the village residents established themselves, offers a glimpse into the village’s heritage with its vast collection of artifacts, including elaborately embroidered clothing, jewelry, and ceramics, as well as weapons and cooking utensils.

Parking location – Ushaiqer: 25.339997N 45.190587E