WADI AL FORA’A (وادي الفرع)

We knew there should be a nice wadi on the way to Al-Madīnah. But on Google, we didn’t find anything about it, so it took us an hour, with the help of locals, to find the correct way to the wadi. It’s a lovely spot for overnight. Still, except for sounds of nature, you will also hear the noisy Haramain Highspeed Railway connecting Jeddah with Al-Madīnah (an electric-rail track with an operational speed of 300 Km/h). Some water ponds are big and deep enough to soak in for a while.

Searching for the Wadi

Wadi Al Fora’a

Driving around toward Al-Madīnah

Parking location – Wadi Al Fora’a: 23.303399N 39.785963E