Bánffy Castle is considered one of the biggest castles in Transylvania. From the fourteenth century through 1944, Bánffy Castle was occupied by members of the Bánffy family, whose ranks included the first governor of Transylvania under the Habsburgs as well as a 19th-century Hungarian prime minister. Throughout the centuries, Bánffy Castle was transformed to reflect the changing tastes of this wealthy and powerful family. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the castle acquired a Renaissance façade that was further refined through the 18th century, when the current Baroque footprint was established. During the first half of the 19th century, Gothic Revival modifications were made and the castle’s grounds were transformed into an English Romantic garden. In 1944 the castle was burned by retreating German troops in retaliation for pro-Allied efforts on the part of Count Miklós Bánffy. After the war, when Romania came under Communist control, the castle suffered neglect during the agrarian reforms in the region and was looted for building materials. Vandals and natural decay further damaged the ruined castle. The building is brought to the limelight once a year, in summer, when hosting a famous electronic music festival – the Electric Castle.

Parking location – Bonțida: 46.910576N 23.811419E