AREOPOLI (Αρεόπολη)

Areopoli is a town in the Mani region in the south of Peloponnese in Greece. It is known from the 18th century, when Mavromichalis family members were among the pioneers who revolted against the Ottomans on March 17th, 1821. During the 20th century, a big part of the population from Areopoli and the surrounding area migrated to Germany, USA, and Australia, looking for a better life. Nowadays it’s a touristic hub and starting point to explore Mani Region. The old town is picturesque, with stone-paved streets and charming traditional houses. In the old town, there are taverns, restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops. The tall stone towers around the old town are typical samples of the local architecture. They have two or three floors and small square windows. Often the doors and balconies are decorated with arches.

Parking location – Areopoli: 36.668924N 22.382092E