We have arrived late for our last overnight in Moldova to Bălți. It is the second-largest city and it is sometimes also called “the northern capital”, it is a major industrial, cultural and commercial center and transportation hub in the north of the country. Appearing from the hillsides and lakes around the River Răut, Balti is home to impressive structures, including the beautiful Saint Constantine & Elena Cathedral and the typically Soviet Vasile Alecsandri National Theatre. The central market makes for an authentic glimpse at everyday life. In the evening we found a nice restaurant Mr. Brown, where we took our dinner (Pork medallions 110 MDL, Chicken strips 50 MDL, Lava Cake 50 MDL, Cricova wine 0,187 l / 40 MDL, Cosmopolitan 45 MDL, Morshinska water 0,5 l / 20 MDL). In the morning we could not get out of the parking at Independence Square, but after some time we managed it, we took our last diesel at Lukoil (16,45 MDL / l) and left for Romania.

Parking location – Bălți: 47.762601N 27.928696E