We made a short stop on the outskirts of Timișoara, where on a 17 hectares area lies the Banat Village Museum (entrance 5 ROL). The richness and diversity of rural civilization in the region had been noted ever since the eighteenth century by Western travelers. Multiculturalism is one of the major features of the Banat. The museum hosts the collection of olden households of Germans, Hungarians, Slovaks, and Ukrainians from the Banat. The museum’s “core” is occupied by an interesting reconstruction of a village civic center, with a town hall, a school, a “National House” and, of course, a pub. There is also one “live” object – a true parochial church, with an interesting history. Built-in 1746 in Remetea Luncă, by 1807 it was already moved to the neighboring village of Topla, and from there it was brought to the museum in 1987; practically, it is now the oldest church in Timişoara.

Parking location – Timișoara: 45.778459N 21.267720E