Monastery Capriana is one of the most picturesque and attended Moldavian monasteries. It is situated in a forest area, only 40km northwest of Chisinau. It was established in 1429 by great Moldovan Ruler Stefan the Great and for a long period of time it was the headquarters of Moldova’s bishop. Originally it was wooden construction, but later, in 1545, a stone church “Assumption of the Virgin Mary” was constructed. In 1840 the “St. George” and in 1903 the “St. Nicolae” churches were added to the convent. The biggest convent library in Moldova was situated here, it was endowed with precious gifts by different leaders. Closed and dilapidated during the post-war period, it was only reopened again in 1989, becoming a symbol of national revival.

Parking location – Capriana Monastery: 47.117009N 28.508688E