ČEŠKO SELO (Чешко Село)

After visiting “Czech Banat” villages in Romania, we have decided to give also chance to the smallest Czech settlement in the Vojvodina district in Serbia. We met friendly Emanuel Veverica, who is very active in the promotion of the village and its development. He is working hard to improve the whole village and trying to put it on the tourist map. He became our guide through the village and its tiny museum. We had a great time there and at the end, we spent the whole afternoon and evening talking with him about life in the village and future plans, we also tasted some local specialties prepared by his wife Milica. The next morning, we got a rich breakfast and bought some locally made Brandy and Slivovitz (1000 RSD / 0,7 l). If you will plan to visit Češko Selo, then go there during August, when they organize “Paprikišijáda” – an international competition in the cooking of Paprikash (Serbian goulash with paprika).

Parking location – Češko Selo: 44.946636N 21.370089E (🔌, 💦, 🚻, 🚿)