ĐAVOLJA VAROŠ (Ђавоља варош)

The narrow road brought us to The Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town) situated on the south slopes of Mt. Radan, on the right bank of the Tuta reka (Yellow River). Đavolja Varoš is a unique example of the action of erosion. It is a complex of stone pyramids (entrance 350 RSD) located in the watershed between Đavolja Jaruga and Paklena Jaruga (Devil’s Gully and Hellts Gully). On an area of 4300 m2 water erosion has shaped andesite material and volcanic tufa into over 200 pyramids – towers standing from 2 to 15 meters tall, width at base 4 to 6 meters and at the summit 1 – 2 meters. Most of these pyramids have caps or heads – andesite blocks protecting them from fast decay. Stone pyramids are ephemeral forms, for they disintegrate relatively quickly (when they lose their protective “cap”), and are formed equally quickly through water erosion. Hence the name Đavolja Varos (Devil’s Town), because the locals believe that these changes occur as devils fight each other for power. On our arrival, we have exchanged our 10 kg of peppers from Donja Lokošnica for a bottle of local Rakia (fruit spirit) with the friendly lady selling souvenirs there. Later she gave us a lift to stylish restaurant Два амбара, where they serve “home-made-taste” local specialties. After dinner, it took us just a 30-minute walk uphill to our overnight parking location.

Parking location – Đavolja Varoš: 42.987843N 21.393332E (🚻)