Đerdap National Park is also known as the Iron Gates of the Danube. Gorges, canyons, river valleys, and over a thousand caves of extraordinary beauty are hidden on the right bank of the river, from the Golubac fortress to the ancient fort of Diana. The deepest, largest, and most attractive gorge in Europe consists of four gorges – Golubac, Gospođina Vira, Kazan, and Sipska. However, the most interesting and geomorphologically specific landscapes are the areas of Štrpce, as well as the areas of Great and Small Kazan, where the Danube demonstrates its narrowest (140m) and deepest (90m) points. We made 7 kilometers hike (NP fee 250 RSD) through the most interesting part of the Đerdap National Park, on the trail Mali Strbac, to the viewpoint Ploce – a smooth space just above the canyon Small Kazan and a limestone flat under peak Veliki Štrbac. The trail that leads to Ploce has a constant climb to an altitude of 355 meters. From Ploce there is a unique view of the Danube and to the gorge of Great Kazan. Before the construction of the hydropower dam, the Danube was extremely dangerous in this area, and the water was so strong that the ships could not sail. After the construction of the hydropower dam, this has changed, but the power of this river can still be seen from Ploce. Below the parking place is a little harbor, from where we made a one-hour river cruise around interesting spots on the Danube (10 EUR).

Parking location – Đerdap NP: 44.595176N 22.268114E (🚻)