DNIPRO (Дніпро)

Another stop on the Dnieper River near its confluence with the Samara was the city Dnipro. The river was considerably widened by the construction of a dam about 80 km downstream. Founded in 1783 as Katerynoslav on the river’s north bank, the settlement was moved to its present site on the south bank in 1786. The community was known as Novorossiysk from 1796 to 1802 when its old name was restored and it became a provincial center. Despite the bridging of the Dnieper in 1796 and the growth of trade in the early 19th century, Katerynoslav remained small until industrialization began in the 1880s when railways were built to Odessa, the Donets Basin, and Moscow. In 1926 the Soviets renamed it Dnipropetrovsk. Dnipro (to which the city’s name was shortened in 2016) has just a few sights and landmarks to see – one of them is the museum of Jewish Memory and Holocaust in Ukraine in the Menorah Center and Missiles in Rocket Park, which mark the city’s role in the Soviet-era space and defense industries. You will find it near the long promenade on the riverbank of Dnieper.

Parking location – Dnipro: 48.469066N 35.051722E (60 UAH / 24 hrs)