Drobeta–Turnu Severin is an important inland port on the Danube in southwestern Romania near the point where the river leaves the Iron Gate gorge. The modern city was established only in the 19th century but the city’s history goes back to the time of Roman emperor Trajan. Mainly because of now disappeared Trajan’s Bridge, which is considered one of the achievements of Roman engineering. It was a segmental arch bridge, the first one to be erected over the lower Danube. It was constructed around 105 AD by architect Apollodorus of Damascus, at the request of Emperor Trajan, as a route for the Roman troops on their way to invade Dacia. We have visited also s symbol of the city, the Water Tower built at the beginning of the 20th century (27 m high, entrance 5 ROL). There are also remaining of the fortress used to serve as a defense point on the river until it was destroyed in the 16th century on the order of the Ottoman Empire. Its reconstruction took some 300 years, with the initial plans of the fortification discovered in the 1930s. It’s a pleasant city for overnight with only one choice for dinner – Kripton pub – good food but terrible service (Pasta – 27 ROL, Banana Split – 21 ROL, Mineral Water – 0,75 l / 12 ROL, Lemonade – 15 ROL, Mojito – 23 ROL).

Parking location – Drobeta-Turnu Severin: 44.623720N 22.658214E