ĐURĐEVI STUPOVI (Ђурђеви Ступови)

This Serbian Orthodox Monastery was built in 1170 on a hill surrounded by woods above the city of Novi Pazar. It was commissioned by Stefan Nemanja, who dedicated this church to St. George for letting him out of the dungeon cave, in which his brothers put him. The monastery represents the synthesis of two medieval architectural styles – Byzantine architecture from the East and Romanesque architecture from the West. Characteristics of the Romanesque style are the two domes that are included in the plan of the church situated in the west, to the left and right of the narthex. The procedure and spatial layout of the church, portals, and stylistic finishing were all done in the Romanesque style. The church was decorated with magnificent frescoes, but most of them were destroyed during the centuries.

Parking location – Đurđevi Stupovi: 43.164959N 20.492810E