FLORINA (Φλώρινα)

It was very smooth at the border, without any customs check, we crossed the border between North Macedonia and Greece and entered the forgotten region of Macedonia forever associated with Alexander the Great. It’s littered with ancient cities, holy places, and natural wonders that bridge the years between ourselves and the ancients who once revered them. Our first night we spent in the uninteresting city of Florina – a gateway to remarkable mountains to the west. We bought Vodafone sim cards (18 GB / 30 days / 12 EUR) and tried local tasty Gyros (3,50 EUR). Btw we slowly getting used to EU prices again – we got our Mojito for 8 EUR. And also, diesel cost is much higher compared to North Macedonia, the first station behind the border – 1,90 EUR / l, in the city already 2,05 EUR / l and in the mountains – 2,54 EUR / l.

Parking location – Florina: 40.780782N 21.414064E