GAZIVODA LAKE (Liqeni i Gazivodës)

We drove in cloudy weather around Kosovo’s largest and most beautiful lake. It was formed by the damming of the Ibar River, which flows into the lake. As a project of former Yugoslavia, the damming of the Ibar for the creation of a reservoir and thus the generation of hydroelectricity existed since the 1960s to cover the energy needs of the population and the economy of the Socialist Autonomous Province of Kosovo which was expanding at the time. Gazivoda Dam was created between 1973 and 1978. The panoramic setting amidst the Rogozna Mountains makes it one of Kosovo’s most striking natural attractions. The lake stretches over a length of 24km and offers great swimming, walking, and mountain-biking opportunities. There are several little beaches along the lake, we stopped above one of them and took a refreshing lemonade at Raj na Vodi restaurant.