GOLUBAC (Голубац)

The Golubac Fortress (entrance 600 to 1200 RSD) is located on the right bank of the Danube, 4 kilometers downstream of a nowadays settlement. It is situated on high cliffs, on the very entrance to The Iron Gates. It is cut into a rock which acted as an obstacle to enemies attacking from the north. The Fortress is fan-shaped and has 3 parts – the front, the back, and the upper city connected with 10 towers and ramparts. Golubac was mentioned for the first time in 1335 as a fortress with a Hungarian army belonging to Hungarian king Ludwig the First. After The Kosovo Battle, the fortress ruled Hungarians, Austrians, Turks, and Serbians over the centuries. After WW1, a tunnel for a highway was drilled through a rock on which the Fortress is standing. The hydroelectric power plant Djerdap raised the level of Danube and this led to the submergence of the Fortress’ lowest segments. There is a small café, from where you can have a view of the fortress (Cedevita – 150 RSD, Sacher cake – 230 RSD).

Parking location – Golubac: 44.660346N 21.673691E (🚻)