Pink Lake, also known as Henyches’ke Lake (or Rozheve Ozero), is located in the Kherson region in the eastern part of Syvash Bay. During the summer months, microscopic algae cause the water to turn pink and red. Due to its healing properties, the Lake is called the Ukrainian Dead Sea. After all, you can just lie on the water here. The salt content in its water is about 300 grams per liter – as much as in the Dead Sea. The Lake was formed at the place of the crash of a Soviet bomber on 26 August, 1969 on the shores of Syvash. Rescuers deepened the funnel to 18 meters while collecting the remains of the bomber, touching the aquifers. Later, the funnel was filled with water, which was much saltier than in Syvash.

Parking location – Pryozerne: 46.064834N 34.782110E