In rainy weather, we have arrived at a small village Hronsek with UNESCO listed Wooden articular Church. It is 8 meters high wooden structure built in the shape of a cross with arms 23 and 18 meters long. As there are many unusual motives from Scandinavian architecture, it is assumed that craftsmen from Norway or Sweden participated on the construction site. Unique is also the ordering of the benches on the choirs so that the church can accommodate 1100 worshipers through its 5 doors. The altar has 6 tables from 1771 by Master Samuel Kialovič. Above the altar, there are angels holding the coats of arms of noble families from the surrounding area who supported the Lutheran Church. The organ from 1764 is the work of master Martin Podkonický. Near the Church is a bell tower with the same architecture, which was built at the same time as the church. We also walked around a private Gothic-Renaissance mansion – a Gothic moated castle from the 14th century. It is the oldest building in the village. After that, we took dinner in a local restaurant (Fried cheese with French fries and tartar sauce – 4,30 EUR, Fried pork steak with boiled potatoes – 4,20 EUR, Urpiner beer 0,5 l / 1 EUR). And in the morning before our departure, we have joined very spiritual Sunday 09:00 AM mass.

Parking location – Hronsek: 48.650063N 19.155978E