We still stay in the north of Iceland and scrolling around Westfjords. Today we got great weather on the way to Latrabjarg. It is Iceland’s largest sea cliff stretching 14 kilometers and peaking at a height of 441 meters. This majestic cliff is the westernmost point in Europe and it also hosts Iceland’s greatest concentration of seabirds. The cliffs also make a stunning viewpoint for Aurora Borealis during Northern Lights Season. The next stop we made at Rauðasandur beach or Red Sands beach. It is a beautiful red beach in a very remote area. Most beaches in Iceland are black, but the beaches in the Westfjords are golden or pink. The sand, in turn, gets its color from pulverized scallop shells. But the name can also derive from the settler in this area, Ármóður rauði Þorbjarnarson or Ármóður the Red.

Reykhólar – parking location: 65.4490555N 22.1995025W