LEFKADA (Λευκάδα)

We drove a 1600 meters long tunnel from Preveza to reach a narrow causeway, making Lefkada one of the few Greek islands that you can drive to ( 🛣 – 7,50 EUR). Lefkada was originally a peninsula, not a true island. Corinthian colonizers cut a canal through the narrow isthmus that joined it to the rest of Greece in the 8th century BC. We spent one day in laid-back Lefkada Town. It is a charming place with cafes and restaurants along the pedestrian zone and marina. In the afternoon we took our favorite fast food (Gyros – 3,50 EUR, Tzatziki – 3 EUR, Spicy cheese paste –  EUR, Mineral water – 3,50 EUR / 0,75 l) for late lunch and later give a try to popular bars Baccara and Lagoon (Beer starts at 4,50 EUR).

Parking location – Lefkada: 38.829668N 20.708654E